film 05:02

created by,
Miyoun Park, Hyun-Jeong Cho, Jiseon Yoon

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Wissenschaftsmodul WS 18/19
“Feminist Food”

‘Gochu’ means ‘Chili’ in Korean.

We are crazy about spicy food. And as you know, Korea is very famous for spicy food. So Chili is an essential ingredient for Korean food.

So we thought about what is the role of chili in our culture and why we love spicy food. And we found that it is related to a patriarchal society.

One statistic suggests that women prefer spicy foods more than men in Korea. And they used to relieve their stress by eating spicy foods. But this reliever(spicy food) is not a real savior. It’s just a temporary remedy. It can not break patriarchy deeply rooted in our culture. We just eat spicy food. So our video expresses that this situation is unresolvedly repeated. And this happens over and over again.

‘Gochu’ also means ‘Penis’ in Korean.

In the video, a women seems to enjoy pleasure. Eating Chilis is painful, but at the same time it gives a temporary pleasure. Over time, however, she realizes it was just pain. And she tries to crush the chili. At the same time, it also means she crushes the penis.

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