<Typo in Real>
Not only does type convey content to us in that combination, can create an atmosphere in itself. The little details of the Typeface make a lot of difference, but we usually don’t know what it is. The only thing left is the feeling of it that passed in type. But what if the Typeface was out of the flat world at 3d?
Images are always easier to see than text. Enjoy Typo as an image.

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Project module WS 18/19
“Type Trends”
Supervision Götz Gramlich

            Typography Newspaper
            Type Trends 500*700  Risoprinting

        Typo Cards 138*67mm 200g Laserprinting

Exhibition Poster A1

poster A2, 130g Plotter, Booklet A5 Laserprinting

Typo Cards 138*67mm 200g Laserprinting

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